patrickEight year old Patrick was happily playing with his Planet Of The Apes action figures when he received an important phone call. It was an offer of a gig for the coming Friday. Although the money was good, Patrick was initially quite hesitant to accept the gig – he didn’t play any instruments, after all.

“Don’t worry” the caller reassured him, “you’ll be on bass.” His confidence restored, Patrick wisely accepted the gig – it was only Wednesday, leaving him plenty of time to learn to play the bass. “What a great way to earn a living!” he thought. Unfortunately, the gig was canceled and the next offer didn’t come for another eight years – and that gig didn’t pay anything, but it was good exposure.

patrck2Patrick didn’t realize at the time that this gig would lead to another, and then another and before he knew it he would be a professional musician. It’s funny how life works. When Patrick was young he always thought he would grow up to be like Kwai Chang Caine from the 70’s series Kung Fu; a Chinese martial arts expert, quietly and humbly going around solving people’s problems with kick-ass moves and incredible wisdom (Patrick isn’t Chinese, but that somehow seemed to work out OK for Caine). Being a professional musician is almost as good as being a Kung Fu master… and Patrick hasn’t quite grown up yet anyway.

4534681405_ba26a81a1c_zAs a not quite grown-up professional musician Patrick plays bass, chromatic harmonica and just about anything else he can get his hands on. When he’s feeling serious he writes instrumental compositions that make you feel all tingly inside. When he’s feeling not quite so serious he writes silly songs about cheese, jello and chicken fat. Looking at Patrick you would think that he wasn’t that interested in food, but his songs betray him.

Sometimes Patrick makes funny little movies and posts them online to entertain friends and family. If you decide to become his friend maybe he’ll let you watch one or two of them.

If you are intrigued by this oddity known as Patrick feel free to poke around this site a bit to see what he’s up to. If not that’s fine too. Patrick will still like you because he likes just about everyone.